My 1st Blog Post :)

HI! HELLO! & WELCOME you Gorgeous Souls!

You BEAUTIFUL blessed beings who have lived so much life and experienced so many emotions – YOU MADE IT THIS FAR and that is truly something to be acknowledged for and nothing to take for granted! I love you without even needing to know who you are because if you are alive and reading this you have experienced your version of triumphs, loss and love, heart break and success, you have overcome and you have fallen to pieces, you have had moments where you felt undeserving and you have felt ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Fill in the blank with what the majority of your life has entailed, but even my darling nieces reading this to the gorgeous elderly woman, Patricia, I befriended on the plane – regardless of age, background, status… you are a human being! And as such, whether you find yourself at the “beginning” or “end” of your days, pain is pain and joy is joy. I’m reminded when I’m around my littlest niece and she doesn’t want to go to bed. Her tears in that moment are authentic. When my heart got broken in my 1st relationship, it was the equivanent loss to when I lost my mother. New York City was a huge life lesson because those people have. been. through. some. sh*t. and yet they don’t stop and mourn like I was used to because they simply are more accustomed to life’s hard hand.

We can split hairs but I think it’s actually detrimental towards having compassion for the human spirit. I’ve learned at 26 that everything truly is relative and letting go of our judgement around our life experience creates the space for us to feel however we want to (*cough* happy) – rather than being dominated by our emotions.

The following video is a preview of what my intentions are for this blog. Though, it minimizes my overarching objective by merely calling it a blog. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to be happy and realize my dreams and help others do the same. This is a movement. This is a call to action. This is a community, a culture, of enjoying our time here on earth because my life experience has perfectly groomed me to not see any other point in being here.

Being unwilling to be 100% ready before I take action has changed my life. And I don’t know much about this whole blogging thing yet, but I DO KNOW you shouldn’t give away all yo cookies fo’ free, haha. You will witness firsthand this blog going from the bare bones site you see now, to the full fledged glossy possibility it’s destined to become. I, in much the same way, will transform before your eyes.

but it starts with Choosing Happiness first!

Tune in tomorrow for part 1 of The Birth of The Happy Train.

Unconditional Love & Light

to your and my Happily Ever After,

ox Liza xo

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